What are the latest updates to the Freegal Music software?


  1. A brand-new interface, search engine, and browse abilities. These changes are the by-product of your suggestions and years of research into the best practices in the industry. We feel that this change alone will mark a new level in enjoyment from Freegal users.
  2. A more than doubling of the content. Freegal Music now consists of over 7 million songs from over 28,000 labels that originate in over 80 countries. This includes the complete catalog of Sony Music Entertainment, in your home country, on the day of release.
  3. Freegal Music is a public site, that is, any end user will be able to see the great Freegal Music content without logging in, assuming your library has not restricted access with authentication. This will enable the library to promote specific Freegal songs, and send links to the songs via social media.
  4. Freegal music has over 15,000 music videos. Library cardholders can download a DRM-free MP4 file that is theirs to keep forever. Each video download counts as 2 of your weekly allotment.
  5. The following additional features are also live with Freegal 4.0:
    1. The ability to create a wishlist of songs that you want to download in subsequent weeks.
    2. The ability to backup songs downloaded through the app on their iTunes.
    3. The users ability to delete songs from their app to save memory on their phones.


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