How does Freegal Music work?

A download usage counter is located in the upper right corner of displaying your weekly allotment. For instance, 3 means that you have a weekly limit of 3 downloads. The download counter resets each week at Monday 12:01 AM (Central Time, USA).

The site is set up to browse or search for your favorite music or artist. You will see some of the most popular music on Freegal for your country on the Home page. You can use the navigation bar toward the top of the page to view different pages, such as Most Popular in your library or country, or the New Releases. You can also use this bar to navigate to the Genres page where you can scroll through all of the genres and artists on the Freegal site. Additionally, you can use the search bar at the very top of the page to search for artists, albums, songs, or a combination (such as “bruce springsteen high hopes”).

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